How to remove siamese cat from the tree ?

Published: 17th June 2011
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Wood crown - the natural habitat of siamese cats. There they prey on birds, fleeing from the dogs and just snooze away from the bustle of the earth. However, being innate high altitude, the cats are not always ready to descend from the conquered peaks. Sometimes frightening possibility of the return journey break, or the animal is nervous because of the crowd at the bottom of the crowds of people screaming in every way that type like this: "kitty, kitty, kitty, do not be afraid!" If a cat is permanently stuck in a tree, she faces dehydration. In addition, the animal may just fall in his sleep, which can lead to serious injury.

To remove a cat from a tree and wean her climb too high, rekomendetsya the following:

At the bottom is clean.

If the cat is sitting on a tree that does not mean that she needs your help. Rather, it irritates the people stood down, calling for a return to the ground. Go away, do not disturb the animal himself to find his way.

Give your cat time.

Of course, the cat may have difficulty with the descent, however, it is likely that she is simply not nasidelas top. In most cases, the cat is quite capable to get down from the tree itself, but the owner must give her plenty of time for reflection. Critical period - day. Of course, if the animal is obviously injured or on a leash, which can turn into a noose, you must act quickly. Leave the cat to sleep on a tree, too, is undesirable.

Bait for cats.

Sitting on a tree, the cat can get hungry. Lay down on the prominence of its favorite foods. This may involve an animal, and it slezet.

Rescue mission.

If the cat is injured or too frightened to go down the most, it is necessary for her to climb and rent. Better rescuers climbing into the branches and use the stairs, better return wall, rather than a step-ladder.

Protective clothing.

Cat stuck in a tree, most likely, is irritated, so the rescuer at risk of suffering from its claws and teeth. Be sure to wear thick gloves and a jacket, you do not mind.

The Taming of the Shrew cats.

Funky cat best grab for the "scruff." For the place of the mother cat drag her kittens, and most of them, even as adults instinctively stop twitching when poised in this position.

Capture c first attempt.

Siamese cat should suffice as soon be able to reach her. If you do not keep it, it is likely to climb above or fall. Procrastinate and miss here is impossible.

General reserve.

If the cat sticks up in the tree next day and you can not remove it, call a professional lifeguard.

Cat staircase.

If your cat regularly is "stuck" on the same tree, we can make life easier for both myself and her, came to his trunk several horizontal slats, which will provide additional points of support during the descent.

Treetop School for your cat.

Oddly enough, the cat can be taught to descend from the trees. First, Put the animal in a tree about 1.5 m above the ground. It's easy to jump off from there. Then he set him above - about the level of 1.8 meters. Perhaps the hesitation, but probably without too much difficulty, the cat will go down.

Bailiffs ladder to the tree, plant a siamese cat getting higher and higher - up to 2,5-3 meters from the ground where it will be clearly nervous.

When the animal refused to climb down, transplant it lower - to the last level, where it is until it safely down. Let slezet again. Return the cat here a few times, until it is completely mastered at this extreme altitude. Then he set him above. Perhaps this time it will go down by itself. If not - repeat all over again. Your task - to gradually "raise the bar." Such an exercise will have to do, maybe several times a day for not just one week, but sooner or later, the animal learns to get down from any height of any tree.

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